I have been fortunate to work with some amazing undergraduate and PhD colleagues over the course of my research career.

Kirby Cofino ETS Summer Intern, Masters student (Computer Science, American University) A modular, multimodal open-source virtual interviewer dialog agent 2017-present
Zhaoheng Ni ETS Summer Intern, PhD student (Electrical Engineering, City University of New York) Robust speech processing and denoising 2017
Zhou Yu ETS Summer Intern, PhD student (Electrical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University; now at UC Davis) Multimodal dialog systems and automated speech scoring 2015-17
Hardik Kothare Research Associate (UC San Francisco) Sensorimotor adaptation to real-time formant shift 2016-present
Colin Vaz PhD student (Electrical Engineering, USC) Speech enhancement in noisy MRI environments 2012-14
Zisis Skordilis PhD student (Electrical Engineering, USC) Registration of 2D real-time MRI with 3D static MRI 2013-14
Andres Benitez PhD student (Linguistics, USC) Articulatory settings in native and nonnative speakers of different languages 2013-14
Yushan (Elena) Li Undergraduate (Electrical Engineering, USC) Segmentation of magnetic resonance images 2014
Zhaojun Yang PhD student (Electrical Engineering, USC; now at Facebook) Effect of lexical class and word frequency on speech articulation and acoustics 2012-13
Li Hsuan Lu Undergraduate (Electrical Engineering, USC) A cross-lingual analysis of fricative consonants 2012-13
Nishit Malde Undergraduate Viterbi Intern (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, USC) Registration of 2D real-time MRI with 3D static MRI 2013
Osvaldo Rodriguez Undergraduate McNair Scholar (Computer Science, USC) Active learning for event detection in time-series 2013
Mairym Montserin PhD student (Linguistics, USC) Pausing behavior in conversational dialogue 2013
Alexander Onopa Undergraduate (Electrical Engineering, USC) Analysis of pausing behavior in dyadic interactions 2012